Carly (kibethsbark) wrote in wandringsteps,

21. Misc.

So, long time no post! Life happened, and by the time I had time to make icons again, the muse was gone. However, I've started to pine for Photoshop again, and so these icons are my attempt to get back into practice (somewhat). Since picking screencaps is probably my least favourite part of making icons, I started with something easy: the screencap challenge at theiconquest (Chapter 5, Sidequest 1). As such, I'm not sure which fandoms most of these come from... sorry!

Also, almost everything is rogue - simple all the way!

30 icons - misc. fandoms (25 + 5 alts.)

Bard | Rogue | Rogue | Rogue | Rogue
Hero | Bard | Rogue | Rogue | Rogue
Rogue | Rogue | Hero | Rogue | Rogue
Rogue | Rogue | Rogue | Rogue | Hero
Hero | Hero | Wizard | Wizard | Wizard

Tags: communitiy: theiconquest
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