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24. Icon Battle! (BSG, Whedonverse, GoT, and Grimm)

I participated in an icon battle for theiconquest with the lovely gribouille, and the results have been posted! :D Obviously, this post has been cross posted to iq_coliseum.

There are 48 icons total under the cut (24 from each of us), plus my 8 alternates.

Featuring Whedonverse, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, and Grimm.

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HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

23. Fight Club, Thirty Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto), Elementary

I've got a small graphics dump for you today - icons that have been sitting on my hard drive since last month (er, the beginning of last month), waiting for me to post them. These are for the mystery bag challenge at theiconquest and let's just say, the bag I got was completely out of my comfort zone. I've still got mixed feelings about some of them, but for the most part I was pleasantly surprised with how these turned out. :)

10 icons + 6 alternates = 16 icons total!

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HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

22. ASOIAF Fanmixes!

More icons are coming soon, I swear! :) This batch has been coming along slowly. So, in the meantime, I'll share something that I've also posted over at valyrian_forged, the fanworks community for the westerosorting communities (House Tully represent!).

We recently (okay, last month) finished the once-a-game contest spree called the Tourney of the Hand. As a moderator, I can't enter any of the contests, and seeing everyone's wonderful fanmixes during one of my contests made me want to make my own using the same idea! And then this happened.

(As a note for the show-viewers only: this is spoilery for Sansa's plotline. Enter if you dare!)

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HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

21. Misc.

So, long time no post! Life happened, and by the time I had time to make icons again, the muse was gone. However, I've started to pine for Photoshop again, and so these icons are my attempt to get back into practice (somewhat). Since picking screencaps is probably my least favourite part of making icons, I started with something easy: the screencap challenge at theiconquest (Chapter 5, Sidequest 1). As such, I'm not sure which fandoms most of these come from... sorry!

Also, almost everything is rogue - simple all the way!

30 icons - misc. fandoms (25 + 5 alts.)

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HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

20. Serenity

20 Serenity icons for theiconquest (sidequest 1 - wizard and hero palettes, plus alternates).

So, I really (really) struggled with this batch. Apparently, the only way that I can do palette challenges is if I make monochromatic icons. XD I also forgot how much of a pain this movie could be to colour, particularly when you're not sticking to a blue/purple sort of theme, and so... this is what I ended up with. However good or bad these are, though, I figured that I spent way too much time trying to make them work, and even if they aren't to my taste, perhaps they are to someone else's. :)

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HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

Tips and Tricks for Black and White Icons

Requested by kirtash_girl at Ask the Maker 3.0 (my thread). Hopefully this is what you were looking for! :)

This is a quick guide on how I do black and white icons. I talk a little bit about cap selection (the whys and hows of the caps I pick), my general process for black and white icons, what textures I tend towards when I'm doing a b&w icon, and some random tips and tricks/notes. This is by no means a complete guide, and there's definitely not a 'right' way to do B&W icons (this is just how I happen to think about it).

If you have any questions, please let me know! I'd be more than happy to answer them. :)

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HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

19. Grimm, BSG, LoTS

12 Battlestar Galactica (7 + 5 alts/variations)
13 Grimm (10 + 3 alts/variations)
7 Legend of the Seeker (5 + 2 alts/variations)
32 icons total.

This is a completely random icon dump from various challenges I've participated in recently: theiconquest (sidequest 1), grimm_challenge, and icon_talk's anonymous icon battle. As such, this post is rather out of order, and I apologize for that!

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Also, I participated in Ask the Maker 2.0 and was (pleasantly) surprised that I was actually asked to write a few tutorials. :) Since I've got the time (and am a weirdo who actually enjoys writing tutorials, lol), I thought I'd participate again this time.

Ask The Maker || My Thread
HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

18. Legend of the Seeker, Grimm, and Firefly

10 Legend of the Seeker (7 + 3 alts)
13 Grimm (8 + 5 alts)
17 Firefly/Serenity (10 + 7 alts)
40 icons total (for theiconquest)

I decided to focus on shows that tended to centre around the protagonist's/protagonists' adventures - LotS, Grimm, and Firefly. I'm still not sure how I feel about some of these (particularly the 'wizard' and 'bard' icons, since complex and text are things that I feel I struggle with), so any constructive criticism that people might have is welcome. :)

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