Carly (kibethsbark) wrote in wandringsteps,

19. Grimm, BSG, LoTS

12 Battlestar Galactica (7 + 5 alts/variations)
13 Grimm (10 + 3 alts/variations)
7 Legend of the Seeker (5 + 2 alts/variations)
32 icons total.

This is a completely random icon dump from various challenges I've participated in recently: theiconquest (sidequest 1), grimm_challenge, and icon_talk's anonymous icon battle. As such, this post is rather out of order, and I apologize for that!

*Comments and credit are appreciated! <3
*None of these icons are bases! If you want anything altered, let me know and I'll give it a shot. :)
*Please don't hotlink!
*For a full list of my resources, check out my resources page.

Also, I participated in Ask the Maker 2.0 and was (pleasantly) surprised that I was actually asked to write a few tutorials. :) Since I've got the time (and am a weirdo who actually enjoys writing tutorials, lol), I thought I'd participate again this time.

Ask The Maker || My Thread
Tags: !promotion, challenge: battle, communitiy: theiconquest, tv: bsg, tv: grimm, tv: legend of the seeker
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