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22. ASOIAF Fanmixes!

More icons are coming soon, I swear! :) This batch has been coming along slowly. So, in the meantime, I'll share something that I've also posted over at valyrian_forged, the fanworks community for the westerosorting communities (House Tully represent!).

We recently (okay, last month) finished the once-a-game contest spree called the Tourney of the Hand. As a moderator, I can't enter any of the contests, and seeing everyone's wonderful fanmixes during one of my contests made me want to make my own using the same idea! And then this happened.

(As a note for the show-viewers only: this is spoilery for Sansa's plotline. Enter if you dare!)

Notes cont'd: I opted to go (almost) entirely instrumental for both mixes, and if you'll notice, it's the exact same artists for both mixes. I had this brilliant idea that Sansa would have gone through my collection of instrumental music and then later on would go through as second time as Alayne, and pick the same artists but songs that were more meloncholy and much less optimistic. And then I realized that those two Vienna Teng songs were perfect, throwing my beautiful instrumental-only plan out the window, but I couldn't help but put them in anyway, lol.

Alas, most of my music comes in the form of .mp4s which, to my understanding, can't actually be shared because I purchased them through iTunes. Instead, I've posted links to the songs on youtube, plus put together the whole playlist for both mixes so you can listen to them that way. Sorry! :(

 photo SansaMix-Cover_zps8feed8d7.png  photo SansaMix-Back_zps571ce02c.png
(click for full size)

Speakeasy Kiss | James Newton Howard ♪♫
Now We Are Free | Hans Zimmer ♪♫
The Dance | Bear McCreary ♪♫
Fly | Ludovico Einaudi ♪♫
May Be | Yiruma ♪♫
Hallelujah | Vitamin String Quartet ♪♫
Nothing Else Matters | Apocalyptica ♪♫
Landing Party | Michael Giacchino ♪♫
A Princess | Javier Navarrete ♪♫

BONUS: Lullabye for a Stormy Night (Vienna Teng) ♪♫

Someday you'll know that nature is so,
The same rain that draws you near me
Falls on river and land, on forests and sand,
Makes the beautiful world that you'll see in the morning.


(click for full size)

I Can See Right Through You | James Newton Howard ♪♫
Sorrow | Hans Zimmer ♪♫
Epiphanies | Bear McCreary ♪♫
Come un Fiore | Ludovico Einaudi ♪♫
Autumn Scene | Yiruma ♪♫
Here, There Be Monsters | Vitamin String Quartet ♪♫
Farewell | Apocalyptica ♪♫
There's No Place Like Home | Michael Giacchino ♪♫
Rose, Dragon | Javier Navarrete ♪♫

BONUS: Whatever You Want (Vienna Teng) ♪♫

But she goes on curating your domestic museum; she disappears in her loyalty,
She is a dress wearing a face in the doorway, opening her arms out to you
I am the last one you'd ever suspect of setting the fire, of setting the fire

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