Carly (kibethsbark) wrote in wandringsteps,

23. Fight Club, Thirty Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto), Elementary

I've got a small graphics dump for you today - icons that have been sitting on my hard drive since last month (er, the beginning of last month), waiting for me to post them. These are for the mystery bag challenge at theiconquest and let's just say, the bag I got was completely out of my comfort zone. I've still got mixed feelings about some of them, but for the most part I was pleasantly surprised with how these turned out. :)

10 icons + 6 alternates = 16 icons total!

Wizard | Bard | Wizard | Hero | Hero
Rogue | Hero | Hero | Hero | Hero
Tags: communitiy: theiconquest, movie: fight club, person: jared leto, tv: elementary
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