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28 June 2012 @ 08:48 am
O, photoshop, how I missed you!

Stylistically, this is a pretty simple batch, and I'm working on a new monitor, so hopefully these look alright to everyone else, too! The Tangled icons are also my first foray into iconing something animated (I think I did a couple of How to Train Your Dragon icons last year and that sums up my attempts at an animated subject), but the movie was too adorable to resist!

20 Tangled for landofart challenge #13
20 Game of Thrones (mostly Sansa)
5 Prometheus (from Trailer 2)
45 icons total.

45 icons.Collapse )
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Long time, no post! I was travelling abroad for the past month, but now that I'm back at home I'm itching to icon, so hopefully I should have another post for you in the near(ish) future. :)

In the mean time, I'm going to post some shameless promotions:

The anonymous icon battle at icon_talk has started!
Sign-ups close on Sunday June 24th!
Click here to go to the sign-up post!

Round 8 sign-ups are open here @ firefly_rumble.

firefly_rumble is back for round 8 with a new layout! The first challenge will be posted once we have (minimum) eight participants, and sign-ups will close two weeks after that.
07 May 2012 @ 10:26 am
Challenge five at landofart asked us to make a batch of graphics based on only one TV show. Since my current obsession is Grimm (and I haven't yet seen enough of S2 of GOT to make a full batch of icons), I decided to choose that, and I focused specifically on the leading ladies of the show. As per usual, there are a bunch of alternates, but I've grouped everything together within the post.

20 Grimm icons (+15 alternates/variations)
35 icons total.

35 icons.Collapse )
07 April 2012 @ 01:13 pm
The theme this round at inspired20in20 is "resources" - with the option of making resources of your own. Since I've never made textures (that I've shared, in any case), but I've been wanting to give it a shot, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity!

25 Icon-Sized Textures, 6 Large TexturesCollapse )

I've also uploaded a .rar of the entire set if you don't want to save them all individually: Mediafire | Box.
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My field exam is coming up so, naturally, all I really want to do is anything but study. So, I used iconning as part of my reward system, and these are the results! I normally don't think much about batches before hand unless they're for an icontest, but in this case I wanted to play off of a rainbow theme, so this batch is on the whole, pretty monochromatic (since I thought that I would give that style a shot). Also, because I actually somewhat planned this post beforehand, the subjects are somewhat out of order, which just goes to show that I didn't plan ahead as well as I'd hoped. ;)

It's pretty small, but hopefully I'll have the time and inspiration to get another batch done before another month and a half has gone by. :)

1 Once Upon a Time
2 Game of Thrones (+1 Alt)
14 Grimm (+2 Alts)
20 icons total.

20 icons.Collapse )
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11 February 2012 @ 09:19 am
Holy crap, it's a post! School is eating up a great deal of my time currently (I'm in the last semester of a graduate degree) and that, combined with Skyrim and the fact that I'm probably the slowest icon-maker EVER means that posts will probably be pretty infrequent over the next few months until things stop eating up so much of my "free" time.

However, I do come bearing a pretty large post today! These were done for the Work At Your Own Pace challenge at landofart, and I've included a pretty big chunk of my alternates/variations/rejects. In addition to icons, there are two larger tumblr-style graphics (I don't have a tumblr and have come to the conclusion that larger canvases are just not for me) and a massive Daenerys Targaryen picspam. If the icon fulfilled a prompt, I list it below the icons.

*15 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (+19 alts and variations)
*1 Battlestar Galactica
*1 Once Upon a Time
*2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (+2 alts)
*1 Lost (+3 alts)
*3 Game of Thrones (1 icon, 1 tumblr-style graphic, 1 picspam, +1 alt)
*1 Tron: Legacy (tumblr-style graphic)
49 graphics total.

This post is a little chaotic.Collapse )
15 January 2012 @ 10:58 am
Part two of the Ask the Maker tutorials! These were also requested by tor_na_do. :)

As with the previous post, this post is both text and image heavy!

Tutorial #4: River Tam.Collapse )


Tutorial #5: Boomer/8.Collapse )
This is post #1 of 2 of tutorials for Ask the Maker at icon_talk. tor_na_do requested tutorials for five icons (sorry it took me so long to get them up!), and so here are the tutorials for the Game of Thrones icons.

This post is long and graphics heavy. I've put in LJ-cuts at the start of each tutorial, but there are about a dozen images per tutorial and I talk a lot, so it'll still add up.

The first two tutorials are written in Photoshop CS5; the third tutorial is written in PSPX2, but the theory works just as well in PS. (When I was testing it out, I discovered that PS plots the numbers on their curves a little differently, which obviously change the results of the icon. However, since I include screencaps of the curves layer, if you look at how the curve is shaped and recreate that rather than plugging in numbers, you should still get the same, or similar, results.)

Tutorial #1: Sansa Stark, negative space.Collapse )


Tutorial #2: Daenerys Targaryen, episode 1 close crop.Collapse )


Tutorial #3: Daenerys Targaryen, episode 10 close crop.Collapse )
19 December 2011 @ 08:47 pm

Round 7 sign-ups are open here @ firefly_rumble.

With snoggings as my new co-mod, round seven of firefly_rumble is a go! Sign ups close January 13 at midnight, GMT.